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Introducing the hippycrites

Welcome to hippycrites.com. My name is Aimee. I am 33. I live in California with my boyfriend Ed And our beautiful daughter Rebecca, who was born May 10, 2001.

We also have five cats. Oh man. We had five cats. Now we have four. We lost Paisley Daydream on March 6, 2002. Oh man. Now we have three. We moved in August and Jack went to live with our dear friend Stephen.

I am a stay-at-home-mom. I fancy myself a poet some days and there are a few of my poems sprinkled throughout the site. I love books above almost everything else (more than most people, I like to say).

Random stuff about me, added to infrequently:

 -I've seen the Grateful Dead in concert 40 times.
 -I have a son who will be 32 years old in November, 2002.
 -I went to college at Humboldt State University but didn't graduate.
 -I was married for seven years.
 -I have a brother who is 11 years younger than me, he's the only member of my family who lives nearby (but I still hardly see him).
 -Rebecca's labor and delivery was exactly 3 hours long.
 -I've been vegetarian (and sometimes vegan) off and on for a decade.
 -All the cars I've owned have been named after Grateful Dead songs.
 -I use mint tea for weight loss.
 -I think my mom named me after a song but I don't know which one.
 -I love sewing and I rely on So Sew Reviews whenever I need to upgrade my machine.
 -I quilt sometimes, but I'm thinking of doing it by machine and I've been reading up on which brand and model is the best right here.
 -I'm thinking of spending quality time with my grand daughter by giving her sewing lessons. I've been looking for a machine to give her for her birthday. I'm picking one on http://sosewreviews.com/best-sewing-machines-for-kids/

This is my second online journa/blog. I kept The Mombat Situation for over two years. I'm planning to put some of the archives up here. Lazy? Yes. Busy? Yes.

 Just a small explanation. This is my web site. This is a chronicle of my life. Sometimes I have a potty mouth. Sometimes I get in really bad moods, sometimes I get mad at my boyfriend, sometimes I express opinions that not everyone will agree with, sometimes I stick my foot in my mouth. I'm just human. Don't freak out too much over things I might write, okay?